Disinfection Services for Commercial Properties in Polk County, FL

Sanitize the surfaces in your commercial property in Polk County, FL, with help from Paul Davis. COVID-19 is a legitimate danger to public health and we’re doing our part to help you make your business safe by offering industry sanitation services. During this global pandemic, our team is in an exclusive position to provide the comprehensive cleaning services our community needs to stay safe.

Keeping Your Business Safe

These are some of the things we do to protect businesses in the Polk County, FL, area:

  • Applying disinfectants and sanitizing: Paul Davis does this with regularity using industry-standard tools that are effective in killing pathogens and viruses, such as COVID-19.
  • Taking the proper measures: We’ll do our part and ensure that our staff is in good health and do what’s needed to safeguard you from infection. We wear face masks and help prevent bringing contaminants into your home by putting covers on our shoes.
  • Provide information: We’ll provide information about precautions you can practice to keep everyone safe. Our staff is available for questions when it comes to COVID-19 and we’ll provide answers in adherence to the most recent information.

We Stay Safe for You

Our goal is to keep you safe, especially as we’re all dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Our commercial property sanitation services in Polk County, FL, consist of:

  • Sanitizing your building by appropriately applying disinfectants
  • We are EPA and FDA approved to combat the most common viruses
  • We meet strict standards

Additionally, we use the latest methods in industry-standard cleaning to deliver the finest results. These consist of:

  • ULV Fogging: This is a pre-emptive approach that cleans and covers walls, floors and other horizontal surfaces.
  • Fogging with Horizontal Surface Wiping: For objects that undergo a lot of contact such as desks, door handles, computers, etc.
  • Fogging with Full Wiping: Industry accepted measures for confirmed cases of coronavirus. This is a comprehensive cleaning service that utilizes disinfectants to sanitize your facility.

Help Us Keep Everyone Secure

If any employees are undergoing cold or flu symptoms, please inform us in advance. Our team specializes in sanitizing and disinfecting a variety of commercial properties throughout the Polk County, FL, area. You can depend on us to remove viruses or bacteria from all surfaces.

COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning
COVID-19 Commercial Cleaning