Damage Severe Weather Can Cause

Harm caused by severe weather can be devastating to your home or company, and fixing it can be difficult. To get the damage fixed correctly, you need a storm damage repair service that focuses on returning your home back to pre-storm conditions. We are the storm damage specialists you need.

Get through the storm, and then assess the damage. Read on for more.

Storm Damage Insurance

How much you get from your home or business insurer depends on things like how much you pay in premiums and deductibles, the damage, the previous condition of the property and more.

Most weather damage is covered by insurance, but filing quickly is very important. If you wait, you could pay more later but lose your chance for a payout.

Storms that cause property damage may lead to mold problems and more.

  • Winter Storms: Blizzards can cause collapsed roofs, break branches and power poles, and more.
  • Hail Damage: This can damage siding and shingles, leading to long-term leaks and compounding structural damage.
  • Flood Damage: Water from floods can get into your building’s foundation, ruin structures and possessions inside, lead to mold problems and more.
  • Damage from Wind Storms: This can rip off siding, shingles and even whole roofs, destroy glass, destroy trees and landscaping and electric systems and more.
  • Tornado and Tropical Storm Damage: Circular wind storms can completely destroy, like catastrophic damage to siding, roofs, landscaping and more.

Find a Professional Damage and Remediation Professional

It’s vital to repair storm damage as quickly as possible, but the risk of danger is high. Before you try making repairs yourself, work with your insurance agent. Contact us for details.