Sewage Backup Removal in Avon Park, FL

If most folks think about hazards, natural disasters and fires may be common scenarios. But many emergencies can hit inside your own house. If your residence or business in Avon Park, FL has sewage issues, neglecting it can foster disease and disaster. Whether it’s a simple bathtub clog or a severely backed up toilet, touching any kind of sewage water is hazardous. If you have this problem, don’t try to fix it yourself. Contact the Paul Davis Emergency Services to offer sewer drain cleaning services.

Professional Sewage Removal

Sewer water is repulsive, but that’s not the only reason to remove it. Sewage problems of all sizes can leak gray and black water onto your property or even leak pathogens into your drinking water. Even clean water sources can bring pathogens in pooling water. Raw sewer water, for example can host Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and other harmful diseases.

Black water comes from past the toilet trap and often contains or has come in contact with solid waste. Black water often carries or has come in contact with solid waste and remains undisturbed long enough to incubate serious pathogens. Black water may also be found in lake and river water. If you find a black water leak in your house or business, contact the Paul Davis Emergency specialists without hesitation.

Call Paul

If you ever see a sewage backup at home, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services. With all our training, we understand the best ways to handle the hazardous chemicals in black and gray water safely. We help the Avon Park, FL region with quick responding help for sewer backups, flooding and mold removal. Act now to remove the overflow. Call us today to avoid contamination in your house or commercial property.