Causes of Water Damage

Water damage takes many forms and can hit even the most prepared business or homeowner. Various flood damage causes deserve different solutions. Regardless of the origin or scale of flood damage in your home or business, Paul Davis Emergency Services work fast and professionally.

These are some of the most common reasons for water damage:

Weather Damage

Heavy rain will test any structure’s integrity. When storms get dangerous, water becomes a destructive element. Be it a flash flood, hurricane, or blizzard, when water harms your property, it becomes a serious issue. No one can be ready for every scenario, but when something goes wrong, our expertise is available.

Flooding in the Basement

Underground rooms are a target for runoff water, whether from rain, roof damage, a malfunctioning sump pump, or some other source. It only takes one ding in the foundation for water to flow in. Paul Davis professionals are highly qualified to remove flooding from basements, sanitize and restore your possessions, and dry everything quickly to minimize damage. We don’t rest until we know that the job is complete.

Issues with Sewer Spills

Sewer back up is not only gross, it’s hazardous. Grey or black water pollution carries microbes that can result in infection. Flooding resulting from sewer clogs should be designated as an emergency and be remedied immediately. Qualified Paul Davis technicians inspect and eliminate the damage from the sewage and any stagnant water damage may have happened. Our technology and years of training can solve the problem with efficiency and speed.

Appliance Malfunctions & Damaged Pipes

If a faucet, tub, water heater or any other appliance breaks, the outcome can range from irritating to hazardous. Stagnant flooding on the floor can seep into the foundation, and pool in hard-to-reach areas. You then cause wood damage and invite a mold infestation. If your water damage starts from bathroom or kitchen overflow, you additionally risk fostering pathogens. Call an emergency specialist inspect the situation to avoid further costs down the road.

Firefighting Runoff

It’s tragic enough for a property to sustain fire damage, but it’s worse to be stuck with water damage in the days after the blaze. In the process of killing an indoor fire, your property can be left soaked. Such a one-two punch of severe damage can leave your space devastated. Paul Davis has the expertise to remove any fire or water damage left.