Sewage Backup Removal in Kissimmee, FL

Storms and floods typically come to mind when many Kissimmee residents think about hazards. Unfortunately, emergencies can start in your own residence. Sewage backup is a common emergency that can become far worse if ignored. Whether it’s a minor sink backup or a seriously overflowing toilet, handling any kind of sewage water is dangerous. Instead of risking your health, call Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

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The nasty factor isn’t the main reason to stay away from sewer water. Disease-ridden contaminated water can flow into your clean water during big and small backups. The same pathogens in sewage can spawn in sanitary, but standing water. Raw sewer water, for example can host Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and other harmful diseases.

If the leak or backup is coming from the toilet trap or beyond, it may contain black water that has touched unprocessed sewage. Normally black water has remained stagnant for long enough to foster the growth of pathogens. Black water can also be found in lake and river water. If you come across a black water overflow at your residence or office, call the Paul Davis Emergency experts without hesitation.

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If you ever witness a sewage leak at home, call Paul Davis Emergency Services. With years of experience, we understand the best ways to deal with the poisonous chemicals in black and gray water correctly. We serve the Kissimmee region with fast emergency response for sewer backups, flooding and mold removal. The longer you hesitate to remove water or sewer damage, the worse the issue will become. Contact us today!