Sewer Cleaning Company in Lake Placid, FL

Severe weather and fires typically pop into mind when many Lake Placid residents think about emergencies. But many hazards can hit inside your own home. If your home or company in Lake Placid, FL experiences sewer problems, avoiding help for it can be a recipe for disease and disaster. Whether it’s a simple sink clog or a seriously backed up toilet, touching any kind of sewer water is hazardous. When you encounter this problem, avoid handling it alone. Call the Paul Davis Emergency Services to offer drain cleaning services.

Professional Sewage Removal

The nasty factor is not the sole reason to avoid sewage. Backups of all sizes can bring gray and black water into your home or even leak pathogens into your clean water. The same disease found in sewers can develop in clean, but stagnant water. Raw sewer water, for example can host Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and many more harmful pathogens.

If the seepage or overflow is starting from the toilet trap or beyond, it might carry black water that has touched unprocessed waste. Black water often holds or has touched solid waste and stays undisturbed long enough to foster serious bacteria and viruses. Lake and river water might also be contaminated by black water. If you come across a black water flood in your residence or business, contact the Paul Davis Emergency experts promptly.

Paul Davis Sewage Removal

Call Paul today if you come across a sewer backup. Our professionals are highly skilled in neutralizing hazardous chemicals. Talk to our Lake Placid, FL branch with any questions you might have. Act now to remove the overflow. Reach us today to avoid contamination in your residence or commercial property.