Sewer Cleaning Services in Lake Wales, FL

If most people think of dangerous situations, storms and floods often be common scenarios. However, other dangers can come from your own residence. Sewer backup is a common emergency that can worsen if untreated. Even if the water flooding the area is safe, stagnant water attracts different kinds of diseases. Rather than putting your health at risk, call Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

Paul Davis Specialists

The nasty factor is not the main reason to steer clear of sewage. Pathogen-carrying sewage water can leak into your drinking water during big and small backups. Even clean water sources can foster pathogens in stagnant water. Raw sewage, for instance can carry Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and many more hazardous diseases.

If the leak or backup is starting from the toilet trap or farther, it may contain black water that has come in contact with raw waste. Black water usually contains or has met with solid refuse and stays stagnant enough to host serious bacteria and viruses. Natural water sources may also be contaminated by black water. Call the Paul Davis Emergency specialists now if you have a black water leakage on your property.

Don’t Hesitate

If you ever see a sewage backup at home, call Paul Davis Emergency Services. Our professionals are highly trained in handling hazardous substances. We help the Lake Wales area with fast emergency response for sewage, flooding and mold removal. Don’t wait to remove the overflow. Talk to us today to avoid contamination in your residence or commercial property.