Local Smoke Removal Services for Lake Wales, FL

There’s always leftover smoke damage after a fire has been put out and it’s critical to take care of it as soon as possible. The professionals at Paul Davis have experience conducting smoke damage remediation services to homes in Lake Wales, FL. If spaces in your property are coated by hazardous residue, it can affect your breathing and cause skin or eye damage. Trust our professionals to provide first-rate smoke damage remediation services for your home.

Our Smoke Damage Services

Having a team of experts, such as Paul Davis in Lake Wales, FL, who you can trust in the event of a disaster, provides assurance and peace of mind. Knowing that professionals are working to improve the condition of your residence or commercial property will lessen some of the worries about the alarming set of circumstances. In relation to our adequately trained damage contractors, Paul Davis uses the newest techniques of smoke damage eradication and remediation. Our emergency crews perform with industry-grade equipment for a faster, more secure cleanup and remediation project, and our speedy deployment process means we arrive promptly.

Our smoke and soot services consist of:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Quick onsite arrivals and working for you within hours
  • Effective damage assessments with pretesting and salvageability recommendations
  • Emergency board-up and structural stabilization
  • Eco-friendly techniques for cleaning soot and other residues
  • Smoke odor removal, sanitation and air purification
  • Careful removal and securing of damaged possessions and other contents for cleaning and restoration
  • Industrial-grade water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers and other equipment used to effectively remove water resulting from fire extinguishing efforts
  • Reconstruction of the affected areas
  • Disinfectants and antimicrobials used to prevent mold and mildew

The Paul Davis Smoke Damage Specialists

Having licensed contractors is the best idea when it comes to fixing the structural damage and bringing security back to your home. Paul Davis smoke damage remediation specialists offer comprehensive restoration services using specialized techniques to make sure all the lingering smoke is removed from your home. The Paul Davis team uses industry-grade equipment that is effective at removing the dangerous effects that come from smoke, so you can be sure that when we’re on the job, that you’re in good hands. Paul Davis is available to residents in Lake Wales, FL, 24/7 when you need home rehabilitation services. For professional smoke damage remediation services, there isn’t anyone better than Paul Davis.

Unsafe Living Conditions Because of Smoke Damage

Smoke and soot must be handled promptly after the fire has been put out. While smoke damage is harmful to your health, it is also very damaging to your home and it can destroy the surface area and discolor your walls and household belongings. Carbon monoxide and other noxious vapors from ignited or smoldering material release poisons as they burn. These types of unhealthy fumes can penetrate walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. Smoke damaged components of your residential property or commercial location must be dealt with to prevent the damage from spreading. The ruined areas must be eliminated entirely and rebuilt from new materials so that the home is safe to occupy again. When it comes to recovering your home from the hazardous effects of smoke damage, you can depend on Paul Davis in Lake Wales, FL.

Turn to Our Service Specialists

When your home in Lake Wales, FL, has been subjected to smoke, the damage contractors with Paul Davis are here to offer our industry-leading services for you. You can rely on our smoke damage specialists to eliminate the dangerous effects of smoke from your property so that everyone in the house is safe again. Reach out to us today at (863) 644-7373.

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