Sewage Backup Removal in Lakeland, FL

When most people think of emergencies, storms and fires often be common scenarios. However, other dangers can begin in your own house. If your home or commercial property in Lakeland, FL has sewer troubles, neglecting it can foster disease and disaster. Even if the liquid spilling out looks safe, stagnant water attracts many types of diseases. Instead of putting your health at risk, call Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

Why Call Professionals?

Sewage overflow is disgusting, but that isn’t the only reason to remove it. Disease-ridden sewage water can flow into your clean water during big and small overflows. Even drinkable water can develop disease in pooling water. For instance, Hepatitis A, E. Coli are just samples of the diseases living in raw sewage.

If the seepage or overflow is coming from the toilet trap or farther, it may contain black water that has come in contact with raw waste. Black water often carries or has touched human waste and remains stagnant enough to host serious pathogens. Black water may also be spotted in lake and river water. Talk to the Paul Davis Emergency professionals immediately if you have a black water leakage in your home or business.

Serving Lakeland, FL

If you ever experience a sewer leak in your home, call Paul Davis Emergency Services. Our experts are highly skilled in neutralizing hazardous chemicals. Talk to our Lakeland, FL branch with any questions you may have. Don’t wait to remove the leak. Talk to us now to avoid contamination in your house or commercial property.