Sewer Cleaning Company in Mulberry, FL

If most people think of dangerous situations, storms and floods may come to mind. But many hazards can strike within your own house. Sewer backup is a common problem that can have dire consequences if ignored. Whether it’s a minor bathroom clog or a severely backed up toilet, touching any type of sewage water is hazardous. If you encounter this problem, avoid handling it alone. Call the Paul Davis Emergency Services to neutralize the mess correctly.

Professional Waste Removal

Sewer water is gross, but that isn’t the only reason to clean it. Disease-ridden contaminated water can leak into your potable water in some cases of overflows. Even usable water can bring disease in pooling water. Raw sewage, for instance can contain Hepatitis A, Leptospirosis and many more harmful pathogens.

Black water comes from past the toilet trap and usually contains or has come in contact with solid waste. Typically black water has stayed static for long enough to foster bacterial and viral growth. Black water may also be found in lake and river water. Talk to the Paul Davis Emergency specialists now if you see a black water spill on your property.

Your Sewer Cleaning Company

If you ever experience a sewage leak at home, call Paul Davis Emergency Services. With all our experience, we understand the best ways to handle the hazardous chemicals in black and gray water correctly. We help the Mulberry area with quick responding help for sewage, leaks and mold removal. Act now to remove the overflow. Talk to us today to prevent contamination in your house or business.