Repairing Mold and Mildew Damage in Okeechobee, FL

Severe weather and fires typically pop into mind when many people think of hazards. Unfortunately, other dangers can begin in your own house. Sewage backup is a common issue that can worsen if untreated. Even if the liquid flooding the area is clean, standing water invites different types of diseases. Instead of putting your health at risk, call Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

Dangers of Sewage Overflow

The nasty factor isn’t the main reason to steer clear of sewer water. Overflows of all sizes can leak contaminated water onto your property or even bleed pathogens into your usable water. Even usable water sources can foster pathogens in pooling water. For instance, Leptospirosis, E. Coli are just samples of the diseases found in sewer water.

If the seepage or backup is coming from the toilet trap or beyond, it may contain black water that has touched unprocessed sewage. Normally black water has remained static for a long enough time to foster the growth of pathogens. Black water may also be found in natural water sources. Contact the Paul Davis Emergency professionals now if you experience a black water flood in your home or business.

Call Paul

Call Paul today if you come across a sewer backup. With all our experience, we understand the best ways to handle the poisonous chemicals in black and gray water correctly. Talk to our Okeechobee, FL branch with any questions you may have. The longer you hesitate to treat water or sewer damage, the worse the hazard will become. Call us today!