Sewer Drain Cleaning Services in Wauchula, FL

Severe weather and fires typically come to mind when most Wauchula residents think of hazards. However, other dangers can come from your own residence. If your home or business in Wauchula experiences sewage problems, avoiding help for it can create a home for disease and disaster. Even if the liquid flooding the area looks safe, standing water carries many types of pathogens. Instead of risking your health, call Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

Expert Backup Removal

Sewage backup is gross, but that’s not the only reason to remove it. Disease-ridden sewage water can leak into your clean water in some cases of backups. Even drinkable water sources can carry pathogens in standing water. Raw sewage, for example can carry E. Coli, Leptospirosis and many more dangerous diseases.

If the leak or backup is starting from the toilet trap or beyond, it might carry black water that has come in contact with raw sewage. Usually black water has remained stagnant for a long enough time to foster the growth of pathogens. Natural water sources might also carry black water. Talk to the Paul Davis Emergency experts immediately if you see a black water leakage in your home or business.

Call Paul

If you ever encounter a sewage backup in your home, call Paul Davis Emergency Services. With years of experience, we know how to handle the poisonous chemicals in black and gray water safely. Talk to our Wauchula, FL branch with any questions you might have. The longer you wait to remove water or sewer damage, the more intense the problem will become. Call us today!