What to Expect After Severe Weather Events

Weather can be unpredictable, and some storms can cause severe damage to your property. Our restoration services company can fix your property, getting it back to how it was before in a jiffy. Our local experts know our weather and its hazards and how to repair ensuing damage.

Get through the storm, and then assess the impact. Read on for more.

Insurance for Storm Damage

The most severe damage from many storms is covered by insurance, but the ins and outs are different. Your financial responsibility depends on your premiums and deductibles, the building, how much damage there is, neighborhood property values and much more.

To get as much money as possible from insurance, make sure you document and photograph all the damage as soon as possible. Then, call your insurer to make an appointment with an assessor. Next, choose a repair company.

Storms that cause property damage may lead to mold problems and more.

  • Water Damage: Flood water can ruin foundations, ruin framing and finish work, lead to mold problems and more.
  • Tropical Storm and Tornado Damage: Circular wind storms can cause serious damage to all parts of your property, like catastrophic damage to siding, roofs, landscaping and more.
  • Wind-related Property Damage: This can rip off siding, shingles and even whole roofs, break windows, damage landscaping and electric systems and cause other problems.
  • Hail Storm Aftermath: Severe hail can damage siding and shingles, causing hidden leaks and compounding damage.
  • Winter Storm Damage: Blizzards can cause roofs to fail, break branches and power poles, and more.

Find an Experienced Contractor

If your property has damage from a storm, act quickly. Choose a professional team that is licensed and insured, and that knows your area. Contact us today to set an appointment.