Is It Safe to Live in a House with Smoke Damage?

When your home has had a fire, you know it’s necessary to get fire damage repair services. But something else you should respect as seriously as fire damage is smoke damage. Smoke is very intrusive and can find itself anywhere in your house, such as between your walls, furnishings and any space in your property. The soot can destroy your belongings and the remaining odors are disagreeable. With the fire damage repairs we’ve done over the years, Paul Davis understands how frustrating smoke damage can be, but we also understand how harmful it can be too. It’s crucial for smoke damage to be removed of properly, because it is unsafe to remain in an area where a fire has been.

After a fire is taken care of, it’s understandable that you’d forget about getting the smoke damage re-mediated after you’ve had the experience involving a home fire. Yet, it’s important to have the smoke and soot removed of properly because smoke damage can have an impact on your health, and it is unsafe to live under these conditions. In order to avoid health problems later on, you should get an expert to rid the smoke damage from your home.

Health Issues that Arise from Smoke Damage

Tar and carbon are some of the substances made from smoke, and if these are inhaled over a period of time, they can cause damage to your lungs. Carbon monoxide is a significant issue to be cognizant of too. It’s an extremely harmful gas that expels oxygen in the blood when inhaled, which takes oxygen away from the heart, brain and other organs. After your property has undergone a fire, an expert can come by and check the carbon monoxide levels in your house.

Along with carbon monoxide, tar and other particles, the typical health problems that can come from smoke damage are comprised of:

  • Respiratory Issues – Your lungs and sinuses could be affected directly, making breathing difficult, if your property hasn’t been re-mediated of smoke damage. Even if your residence is clear from smoke, small particles from the fire and smoke could be ingrained in your furniture and carpets. If this is the situation, then you’re at risk of breathing in these particles which can lead to medical attention later on.
  • Skin Damage – All the particles that are embedded in your furniture, clothing and carpets can lead to mild, or even severe, skin irritation that can’t be treated from lotion. That’s why it’s essential to purge your personal belongings from smoke damage.
  • Eye Irritation – Smoke damage has the ability to linger, even if you can’t see it, and this can irritate the eyes making them red, itchy and watery. When the issue is ignored for a period of time, this can lead to more concerns and damage to your eyes.

Fire Damage Repair and Smoke Pollution Removal

No matter how big or small the fire is, smoke damage can penetrate your home. It is unsafe to remain in your residence if there is smoke damage. To stop further damage to your health and your property, the professional team at Paul Davis is here to assist. From our experience of being fire damage repair professionals, we understand the importance of cleaning up smoke damage. To get assistance from a local franchise, give us a call at (863) 644-7373 today.