Drain Cleaning Services in Polk County, FL

Storms and floods usually come to mind when many Polk County residents think of emergencies. Unfortunately, other dangers can come from your own home. If your house or business in Polk County, FL experiences sewer issues, avoiding help for it can be a recipe for disease and disaster. Whether it’s a minor sink clog or a seriously backed up toilet, coming in contact with any kind of sewer water is hazardous. When you have this problem, avoid handling it alone. Contact the Paul Davis Emergency Services to sterilize the mess correctly.

Hazards of Sewer Water

The gross factor is not the main reason to stay away from sewer water. Disease-ridden gray and black water can flow into your potable water in some cases of backups. Even clean water sources can develop pathogens in pooling water. Raw sewage, for example can host E. Coli, Leptospirosis and other harmful diseases.

Black water comes from past the toilet trap and usually carries or has met with solid refuse. Black water usually carries or has touched solid refuse and remains undisturbed long enough to grow harmful pathogens. Natural water sources might also contain black water. Call the Paul Davis Emergency professionals now if you see a black water flood on your property.

Serving Polk County, FL

If you ever experience a sewer leak in your home, contact Paul Davis Emergency Services. With years of experience, we know how to handle the dangerous substances in black and gray water safely. We serve the Polk County, FL area with fast emergency response for sewage, leaks and mold removal. The longer you wait to treat water or sewer damage, the more intense the hazard will become. Contact us today!